The W Rail Line

lightrailOpened April 26, 2013, the $700 million public investment in light rail already is having a catalytic impact along the historic West Colfax corridor, where the City has made multi-million dollar investments to enhance the ridership experience and attract investment.

Light rail is a game-changer!  The new W Rail Line will help bring arts patrons to venues within the emerging 40 West Arts District, including 40 West Gallery, the galleries at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD), The Edge Theater, and other existing and new businesses on West Colfax.

Moreover, the W Line is one of many catalytic activities in the image005corridor.  The West Colfax Corridor is a remarkable convergence of opportunity—new zoning put in place by a forward-thinking City (Lakewood), active advocacy by the Lakewood-West Colfax BID, strong support from WCCA and numerous other local community associations, fresh creative energy from 40 West Arts, RMCAD, and the new creative enterprises converging on the area, and the quirky history that makes Colfax so cool. With all this lining up, West Colfax is poised to be the next big thing in metro area real estate!

Significant opportunities exist at the rail stations. The goal is to attract high-quality, transit-oriented, mixed-use development along the W Line. With the influx of new investment, new customers, and new residents, this impact will only increase as light rail service expands in 2016 to Denver International Airport further linking West Colfax and Lakewood to the world. Learn more at